Friday, April 1, 2011


 We overcame the yucky weather this week by heading to Boingo Bounce with our friends Sydney, Stella and Emerson!  This place is great!!!  It is all big "blow-ups" for the kiddos to play on!  
Cilla has been pretty timid around the big slides and bounce houses up until recently!  But this week she let loose and she and Stella had a BIG time playing together!  

Lots and lots of silliness!!!
But they were oh so cute playing together!  We love our time with you!  Let's do it again soon, Yazwinski girls!


Jenny B. said...

She totally looks like you in the first picture!! So cute!

Claire said...

Such adorable photos!


Jooyeon said...

What a beautiful daughter you have! wonderful blog :)

Anonymous said...

We love those bounce places! So fun and always lead to a good nap time. And I have to admit I don't mind when they need Mommy to come assist them on the bounce house. As long as they are not crowded!! lol