Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This past weekend we loaded up the car and all five of us, yes our two dogs in tow, headed to Fort Worth.  Not only were our Hogs taking on the Texas A&M Aggies in Jerry World, but we get to spend time with Pappy and Susu and some of our dear friends.
On Saturday, Cilla refused to put anything red on.  I took several choices for her and nothing would suit her but to wear pink.  So, here is her game day attire.  That's right, pink butterfly dress!!!  Nothing cheers Go Hogs, Beat the Aggies like pink with butterflies!
These are some pictures from a trip to the park.  I took Cilla Saturday evening after we returned to Fort Worth from our day trek to Dallas.  She had the best time and made four new little friends and how random that two happen to be the daughters of a girl that Flint used to ride in carpool with growing up.  After striking up a conversation with the parents, we quickly realized that I was Flint's wife and that I had just run into two of his childhood friends!  It is a small world!
 Cilla was so cute with the little girls.  She would ask them, "What's your name?"  Then one of them asked her how old she is and here she is holding up her fingers.
This little gal loves the swing!!!
And since I failed at picture taking over the weekend, I thought I would do bullets of all the fun our weekend was jam packed with!
*Flint and I got to see one of our besties from Waco.  Katie and her BF Todd, who Flint worked with at Baylor and I had never met, drove to Fort Worth to have dinner with us!  Oh so sweet to have time with our friends!  Pappy and Susu kept the munchkin and we had a fun dinner out at one of our favorites- Joe T's!!!
*After a late night party at Pappy's casa, as in our two year did not go to bed until 11:30 PM, we helped Pappy celebrate his birthday a little late with lunch at Rivercrest.
*Flint and I were blessed with and spoiled with another night out with friends.  We joined Corby and Peter, two near and dear friends, for dinner at Railhead.  Does is sound like all we have done thus far is eat?!?!
*Flint experienced Aggie Midnight Yell practice.  Not sure what else to say about this!
*Cilla and I got to make a day trip to the Big D to see my bestie, Laura, and her family.  We got to meet her precious precious almost two month old baby boy who I have been dying to get my hands on.  We also enjoyed a couple of our Dallas favs- Bubba's and JD's Chippery!
 Pure Chaos!
  As usual, our visit was a little chaotic and not nearly long enough.  But that just makes us enjoy our time away from being mommies and the girls' weekends away that much more special!
Oh, and Cilla and I managed to squeezed in a teeny tiny bit of shopping!
*Of course Flint headed to Arlington, with Peter, to watch the Hogs take on the Aggies.  Wooo Pig Sooie!
*Flint did a great job covering the weekend.  
*Oh yes, and the HOGS WON!
*Cilla cried when we started packing up and loading the car.  She wanted to stay at Pappy and Susu's.  Despite the long trip, we will be making a trip back soon!  We always love our time in DFW.


Superchikk said...

Cilla is getting so big! And her hair is growing...she's looking like a big girl, Rebekah!

The Allens said...

Love railhead!