Monday, October 17, 2011

Story Books, Bumble Bees and Diego

We had another packed-full-of-fun weekend.
And this might be my favorite picture from the entire weekend!
Cilla wanted her picture with Katie.  She would say, "Pretty as a princess!"  I just think they are precious!
Nana and Poppa were here again this weekend.  We love having them in town and all the extra loving that we get!  Cilla was scheduled to go to Friday Night Out at our church on Friday night.  But, she was acting a little under the weather, she got to hang out with the adults.  We went to Feltner Brothers, a new burger joint in town and I think Cilla was glad she got to tag along.
Saturday morning, headed to Noah's Story Book birthday party.  It was at his beautiful farmhouse and it was the sweetest party!  Cilla had so much fun playing outside with all of her little friends.
 She loves both of these little friends- Ava and Adeline
 Noah got lots and lots of books.....
 and I think he loved every single one of them!
 After Noah's party, we ran a couple of errands and tried to squeeze in a nap because Cilla had Hannah's Bouncy Bumble Bee birthday party Saturday afternoon. 
Brody.  Seriously, one of the funniest little guys I know!
 The Birthday Girl, Hannah!
Stacey, Hannah's mommy outdid herself with this one!  It was so cute and the food was so yummy!

 Cilla's little friends.  
Hannah.  Anna Kate.  Cilla.  Stella.
Love them all!
How cute is this little gal?!?!  
Our friends Jennifer and Jillian.  
After the birthday party, we headed home for a little relaxing and football.
Cilla and Poppa blew bubbles.  Cilla got bubbles at both birthday parties and she was so excited about them.  Poor baby.  Never gets to blow bubbles!
 She helped Nana make Chicken and Dumplings for dinner!  Yum!  Cilla cut her dumplings out in the shape of hearts!  Even yummier!!!
And then she got dressed and ready to taste test!
Sunday was filled with church.  Lunch at one of our favs, The Catfish Hole.  And our cousin Max's Diego birthday party!
Here's the birthday boy!
Cilla loved loved loved playing with her cousins.  She thought she was as big as they were!
Cilla and Emily
Natalie, Emily and Cilla.
They were so sweet to her and they all played so well together!
I am pretty sure I need a weekend to rest after this weekend!  
But it sure was fun!


Tiffany said...

That first picture is too sweet and I think a storybook party would be too fun, does your friend that hosted it have a blog? I would love to see more pictures

GreenGirl said...

You need to print the picture of Katie and Cilla and frame it.
It is amazing.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Looks like fun! I love the H over your cooktop. Do you mind sharing where you got it?

Jessica said...

What a fun, fun weekend!

Kelly said...

I LOVE that picture of Katie and cilla!!!

Jennifer said...

I love every single picture on this post, but that first one might be the cutest thing I have ever seen! I hope you print that and put it in a little frame in your house!

Johanson Family said...

What a cute post!! You're right, the one with Cilla and the pup is adorable! I love it when I can capture pics of the kiddo's with our dog. So sweet!!

Katie Rasmussen said...

The picture of Katie & Cilla is adorable!! Cilla has such a cute little pose going on.. sorority girl in training?! ;)

The Allens said...

Love that picture and her outfit. Miss you!