Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Fair

So, I am still catching up on some of the fun things we have been up to this fall.
A few weeks ago, we went the county fair here in our area.  Not to ride the rides, but to see all the farm animals.  It was super duper hot outside, but it was still a huge hit with the kiddos.  
Cilla is still partial to the goats!
 Always making a new friend!
 Cilla, Laci, Paigey and Avery petting the cows!
 Lilly's favorite animal was the stick horse.
 Sweet girl.  
Cilla loves loves loves animals and loves being with her friends.
It was a fun day!


The Allens said...

So fun!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

That was fun. I am so glad you guys invited us! Love that sweet Harris family!

Kari Beth said...

I am cracking up by your comment on my blog! And I do not think that you are a stalker. I do love making connections via blog world. It is so fun! I have seen you on Francis blog and a couple of other blogs and thought you looked familiar. I think I might have seen you at Jessica's shower too (at the Brandon's house?) and thought to myself how familiar you look(ed). Glad to know the connection now! Thanks for leaving a comment! Your daughter is adorable and love the name Cilla!