Monday, October 10, 2011

My Cup Overflows

It was, once again, a busy weekend.  That seems to be how we like things and how we thrive!
Friday night, Cilla went to Friday Night Out at our church and Flint and I had a night out with friends!  Some of our dear friends, Candice and Tim, were having dinner out and finding out the gender of their family's newest little blessing.  I have to say, I have been invited to gender reveal parties, but this is the first one that I have been able to attend.  And it was so so fun!  
Proud Mommy and Daddy!
 The big reveal......
everyone at our table cheered with joy and everyone in the restaurant turned to see what the excitement was about! 
 It's a BOY!
Saturday night, daddy went to cheer on our Hogs to a 38-14 victory over the Auburn Tigers!!!  Wooo Pigs!  But the girls had more important things to play princesses with our friends!
Our friends, Sydney, Stella and Emerson invited us over to watch a little football (like that ever happens at this phase of life!), eat dinner and play since the daddies were at the game.
These two little messes had so much fun playing together!  Cilla never wants to leave Stella's house!
Once we got out the princess dresses, the mommies got a little time to visit and watch the game.
Our Royalty, Calling those Hogs!  
Once again, I didn't get any pictures, but Nana and Poppa were in town for the weekend and we got to see the Clemons clan for Sunday morning brunch.
I have bunches of pictures that I have not posted, so I wanted to play a little catch up.
I kept Laci a couple of weeks ago, and the girls helped me make a cake!  Such little helpers!
Their favorite part of all was licking the bowl...and why not?!?!
Here are the two crazies at the park.
We were so excited to welcome Baby Jake to the world a couple of weeks ago.  Our dear friends Josh and Kelli lived with us from May to the end of September and little Jake was born just days after Josh and Kelli moved out!  So, we were super excited to welcome him!  
He is just perfect in every way!
 Josh and Kelli did not know whether they were having a boy or a girl so it was even more exciting to celebrate Baby Jake's arrival!!
Dough family party of 3!
Fall is always a busy time around the Harris house, but we love our time with our precious friends.  We are so grateful for the little blessings that God has blessed us with.
My cup overflows!

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