Monday, November 21, 2011


We had a crazy weekend and I will share more in another post, but look at this reaction when Cilla realized Baylor won, USC won, Iowa State won and her Hogs were #3 in the nation!
Please don't judge me by my nasty front doors!  Oh my goodness, I had NO idea they were so bad!!!
 It is such a fun time for Razorback fans!  And we are so so proud of the Baylor Bears and happy for all of our BU friends!
After all, Cilla was born in Waco and cheered on the Bears for the first year of her life!
I found a couple of pictures while Flint was at Baylor- Cilla's first football season.

I am not sure what was or is more tiring...carrying her around in the Baby Bjorn or chasing her EVERYWHERE?!?!
Look at all that drool on her shirt!  Oh my, how life has changed!  It is fun to look back and to see where God has brought us in the last couple of years!
Look at her now!
I have lots more fun stuff to share and I will soon.  But, I have to get busy catching up from the weekend.


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I am so nervous for the game on Friday! Either way I am proud of our Hogs! Cilla is precious.

Oh, and regarding the last post, you know our family loves Sam's! It's a favorite. (:

Hope you are getting some rest after such a busy weekend.

Katie Grace Designs said...

Isn't it crazy to look back at pictures from baby days with these crazy tots! When did they grow up?! Want to see you soon friend!