Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Bouncing Birthday

Does this look like the face of a gal who loved helping Zach celebrate his 4th birthday?  He has his party at a local bounce place and all the kids had the best time!
Of course, Cilla would rather rock on the pink horse and play in the play house and drink from the water fountain than jump and slide!  Welcome to the word of a two year old!
 This is her new pose.  Sweet face!
 Cilla and her friend, Brody.  They are a pair of crazy!
 I love this picture of the birthday boy with some of his big boy friends.  They all slid down together and dog-piled at the bottom!  It is so fun to watch the energy of boys.  We are just not accustomed to that at the Harris house!
 One thing I love about helping all my friends' kids celebrate their birthdays is getting to see my friends.  Life gets so busy, so it is one thing that brings everyone together.  I am so blessed God has given me such sweet mommy friends to walk through this phase of life with!
 Brody, Ava and Cilla
Cilla was in class with Ava last year and she still talks about her all the time.  Her friends hold such a special place in her heart.  She is definitely our little social butterfly.
 And the birthday boy, Zach!  
If that face does not make you smile, I don't know what will!!!  He is such a fun boy and we are so glad we got to help him celebrate his birthday!

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