Friday, November 18, 2011

Phone Photos

A couple of nights ago we made a trip to Sam's Club and I couldn't resist this picture!  We go to Sam's at least two times each week.  Sometimes more!  You know your life has taken a sharp turn towards different when Sam's Club is a form of entertainment!  We actually look forward to going.
Recently, I was cleaning out Cilla's closet and pulling outfits that were entirely too small and she decided that she needed to wear this little pink dress, size 18 months.  That's right!  Oh, and this blue step, she carries it every where!  She uses it to wash her hands.  To help me in the kitchen.  To change the temperature on the thermostat.  To put DVD's in the DVD player.  To switch on light switches.  To get things out of her closet that she couldn't otherwise reach.  To get things out of get the idea.  They definitely get her into trouble.  
 Yesterday, we had lunch with some of our best friends at Rick's, a local bakery.  These little cuties loved watching the ladies decorate cakes through the window.
Speaking of cuties.  Have you seen these mini purple sparkly TOMS?!?!  They also come in pink, by the way.  They are the cutest things, especially for a little gal who insists on wearing purple or pink in some fashion with EVERYTHING!  They are her favs!  I get nothing for promoting them.  Just thought I would share this little tidbit of cuteness!
Happy Friday!

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Jill said...

Those are some sweet little feet. :) Amelia has worn the sparkly pink and has the sparkly black TOMS right now. She loves them too!