Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekends (that's right...weekends) Review

This weekend was jam packed with friends and fun!  We had a house full of company which is just the way we like it!!!  Our friends, the Maxwell's, were in from Atlanta for the weekend.  The main attraction was the Razorback game, but we managed to find lots of other fun things to do to fill our time with our friends.
This picture is for Cilla!  She was so excited that I saw Big Red!  
This guy's name is actually Pork Chop, but because we have a book named "Hello Big Red" she thinks all Razorback mascots are named Big Red.
Flint says this is the most beautiful view in all of Fayetteville.  Although, it is quite a site for all Razorback fans, I happen to think there are lots more sights around our area just as pleasing to the eyes!
We had a fun night out and enjoyed a big win over the Tennessee Volunteers!  Wooo Pigs!
Max and Dru.  
It was Dru's first trip to Arkansas and her first Razorback home game!
Pregame, we had a little tailgate party of our own at our house!  Cilla loved running around like a crazy girl with her friends!
Cilla and Reese.
 Rhett.  Reese.  Stella.  And Cilla.  Four Crazies!
 We had to show our company some of the cute little swanky shops around town!  Cilla found this jewel.  Dear Santa, please take notes!!!  I could finally breath when we found our way to the exit doors.  I was a nervous wreck watching her explore her way through this store.  It is times like those that the monkey leash would come in handy!  HA!
 And of course our weekend wouldn't be complete without some yummy food and time with friends!  Friday evening, we had a childfree night out on the town with three other couples at Bonefish Grill.  Yum Yum!
Now this is when the weekends, yes plural, part comes in.  I wanted to be sure to document all of the fun we had LAST weekend, too.
I already shared this family pic before Flint and I headed off to the Razorback game last week.  My mom, Cilla's Nana, so graciously kept the little munchkin so Flint and I could go to the game. 
We also had two super fun birthday parties celebrating two special little ladies!
Friday, we headed back to Farmland to celebrate Laci's 3rd birthday!  Cilla loved Farmland the first time we went and it was just as big of a hit the second time around!
Pretty sure she rode the ponies at least four times.
Our little animal lover!  Maybe a future 4-H'er?!?!
All smiles!
The birthday girl!
Our sweet friends, the Scott's.
Cilla, soaking up some Katie lap time!  She loves her Katie Bird!
After petting the animals, playing in the corn, climbing the hay bales, riding the ponies and a hayride we ended our night with a bang!  We roasted hot dogs for dinner and roasted marshmallows for s'mores!  It was yummy and lots and lots of fun!
And what third birthday party would be complete without cupcakes covered in pink icing?!?!  
I am pretty sure Cilla was so sugared up she didn't go to sleep until nearly eleven o'clock!  Luckily, she woke up just in time the next morning to head to Adeline's ladybug birthday party!  Adeline's mommy outdid herself with all the red, black, white and polka dots!  Everything was precious!  And Cilla loved loved loved jumping in the ginormous bounce house they had in their front yard!
And yes, this cake not was not only the cutest thing, but it tasted delicious, too!
Such a precious little Ladybug!
 Cilla has reached the point that she loves to open presents.  She had a big ole time (probably a little too big!) helping Adeline out!  
It was so much fun sharing these special days with precious friends!  
As I reflect on the last two weekends, I feel so blessed to have had so much fun and I feel so blessed to have such sweet friends in our lives.


Tiffany said...

Oh my Cilla has on the cutest outfits in this post!

The Anglin Family said...

Cilla is so stinking cute!! Can I tell you how jealous I am? We go to f'ville alot but the fall is what makes me want to move to NWA!!! Looks like y'all had a great weekend! Woo pig Sooie!!

Jenna said...

Love that pic of you and Flint on the hill - you need to frame it! Will you be at the Boutique show for the VIP hours? Hope to see you - mom and I are going!

~aj~ said...

What fun weekends! I love how Razorback crazy you are. :)