Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arkansas Razorback Fan

Sunday, after church, I took Cilla to the University of Arkansas campus in hopes of getting some pictures.  It was a beautiful day and the trees are changing to beautiful shades of red, orange and gold so whether we got good pictures or not we enjoyed our time there.  It always brings back such good memories and a warm, fuzzy feeling to be on campus, despite the fact that I feel ancient being surrounded by college kids!
We have a book called "Hello Big Red" that is about the Razorback mascot visiting different landmarks  around campus.  So, Cilla kept asking if we were going to see Big Red.  I just think it is so sweet how literal and innocent these little ones are. 
 I got a few smiles, but I mostly captured the serious side of Cilla.

 Such a sweet girl.
She is so busy and so inquisitive.  Nothing gets past this girl!  She wanted to know who was inside so she kept peeking in the windows!
We had fun so much fun walking around campus on such a beautiful fall day!

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Mindy said...

Lyla is obsessed with that book!! I SO wish I had done this with her before it became freezing cold! What a good idea! AND Lyla has that same dress! I might be copying you if the weather warms up this weekend. :)