Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Lady Bug

This year, Cilla was a little Lady Bug for Halloween.  After last year (she wouldn't even put on her costume!!!) I didn't put too much thought or worry into what she would wear.  But when I came across the lady bug costume with a tutu, I was hoping it would be a grand slam.  Turns out it was.  She loved trotting around in it and I thought she was super duper cute!
Sunday night, we went to a Fall Festival at the U of A Campus.  A local church does this every year and they do the best job.  They have pony rides, a cow train, bounce houses and slides, lots of games and candy and they provide dinner to every person that comes.
I told Cilla she was my Little Lady Bug and she said, "No, Mommy I'm Big Girl Lady Bug!"
Our little Big Girl Lady Bug with two of her besties: Paigey and Avery.
They were so cute holding hands.
The Pony Rides were a hit!
And so was the Cow Train.
All smiles!
On Halloween night, we had some of our friends over for dinner and trick-or-treating.
We only had six littles and it was a lot of craziness!
Lilly, Reid, Stella, Emerson, Cilla and Hannah
I love these two sooooooo much!
Cilla's first time trick-or-treating.
Sweet little chick, Emerson.  She was so good and patient.
I tried to recreate these cute little things that I saw on Pinterest, but mine were not nearly as cute!
The Kaundart's.
Just the three of us.  
I am not a big fan of Halloween, but seeing all the smiles on Cilla's face made it so much fun this year!
And she was the cutest little Big Girl Lady Bug I ever did see!
I had to leave on a funny note...I happened to take a glimpse at the TV on Halloween morning and saw that the hosts of the Today Show were all dressed up as the Royals from Will and Kate's wedding!  I thought it was hilarious and very clever!

That just made me laugh.  Especially the cousins!


Tiffany said...

And what a cute big girl lady bug she was!

Katie said...

I love Cilla's costume! I'm glad she liked it, too. I didn't know there was anything on the U of A campus. So fun!

The Today Show royal wedding is hilarious!

~aj~ said...

You've got one adorable lady bug!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

She was a cute lady bug! The "cousins" crack me up but I know it would be funnier if I knew anything about the royal wedding.

Jenny B. said...

I CANNOT believe how big Cilla is!! She is too cute!

GreenGirl said...

The last picture of your family is worthy of a frame or a Christmas card!

Stacey said...

what is my husband doing?!? haha! leave it to him to make a ridiculous face....

such a fun night! we enjoyed spending it with y'all!

Jennifer said...

Cilla was such an adorable lady bug!!