Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Darndest Things

 Be sure to check out my Bread Dip recipe on HolyTurf.  It is one of my very favorite dip recipes!  I know football season and tailgating are coming to a close for the year, but this one is a good App to use around the holidays or for a party or a shower.  It is a definite crowd pleaser!
And a total different subject.  The older Cilla gets, the more and more I realize how I long to document the things that she does.  Sure it is great to look back and remember when she first smiled or when she first rolled over or what her first solid foods were or where her first outings were and when she got all of her teeth.  But, now that she has developed her own {BIG} personality and can talk up a storm and is learning to use her imagination, I long more than ever to bottle up the sweet, tender moments.  I want to record the funny things that cause my drink to spew out of my mouth.  I try to commitment to my memory all the witty things that send my head to spinning because I can't possibly believe my two and a half year old just came up with that!
So...I think I have come up with a perfect idea.  Besides using this blog as an opportunity to record a small glimpse of Cilla's childhood, I love the idea of writing things on little pieces of paper, dating them and storing them in a jar.  What momma or daddy would ever regret having that?!
I wish I could say that this idea was all my own 
but I found it on Pinterest and it originally came from inchmark.

A couple of funny things that I thought I would share.
Cilla is known for being a very independent little thing.  But she also can be very selective in when she wants to be treated like a big girl.  She was recently asked to do something by my mom and her response was:
"Nana, I'm JUST two!"
Seriously?!?!  The sas has already started!

Recently, she had a little conversation with her friend Lilly who calls her "Ciwa", pronouncing the "L's" like a "W".
Cilla's response:
"My name is CILLA not CIWA.  I'm going to call you LIWY!"
Oh my goodness.  I don't even have words for this!
Then there is the filling up the sinks with soap and water...
 Dumping dog food out all over the laundry room floor.....
And her love for dog's water continues.  Only now, she thinks it is funny to drink out of the dog bowl like a dog.  
These are the things that keep me on my toes and keep my days full!  But, I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.  I don't want to forget any of it!
If you have any fun ways to save memories of your kiddos, I want to hear them!


Kari said...

I usually blog them or keep them in my phone, BUT I am loving this idea. I have a few glass jars too. =] **New reader by the way**

Tiffany said...

What a cute idea:)

Katie said...

LOVE the "Liwy" comment. Oh my goodness that girl is smart!

Jennifer said...

Hilarious!! I love that Ciwa! :)

I love the jar idea!

Kelly said...

That Ciwa is so
cleaver.. and one funny little monkey :)

GreenGirl said...

Would LOVE to follow you on Pinterest! Not sure how to find people though...
I'm linked up with Jennifer F, Tracy McC, and Kelly S.

Maria said...

Haha! She's funny and sassy! Great way to keep memories, along with this blog :)