Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Party Animals

Just because I want to document more memories of Cilla's second birthday party......
Here are some of our memories and our friends!
{The Birthday Girl}
{Making a Wish}
{Kelly, Harper, Nana and Brayden, who ran straight up to my mom and wanted her to pick him up.  How cute is that?!?!}
{Sarah Kate and Emily}
{Katie and Helga}
{Mommies.  Melissa, Kelly, Katie and Candice}
{Daddies.  Flint, Tim and Adam}
{Chris and sweet Brody}
{Lisa and Trevor}
{The duck pond was a hit!  Titus, Zach and Lilly}
{More fun in the balls}
{Jennifer and cutie pie Jillian}
{The roller coaster was also popular with the little ones}
{Besties.  Cilla, Paige and Avery}
Look at that mischievous grin!  Doesn't she just look like she is up to some two year old trouble making!
After a fun day, she still mustered the energy to play with some of her birthday presents!  She pushes her stroller and her vacuum simultaneously!   Such a talent!


Linds said...

that last pic of Cilla is PRESHUSH!

And does she have a play DYSON?! Didn't even know they made such things!

Katie said...

I looove the 2nd to last pic!! Look at that face!!! She definitely looks like she's up to something. Great pictures! Looks like the party was awesome.. of course you are the ultimate party planner/thrower! Wish I could've been there.

Ashley said...

I adore that second to last picture. A definite framer!