Monday, March 21, 2011

Under the Weather and Overly Sassy

Cilla woke up a little under the weather today, so we are having a lazy jammie day at home!
Look at those pitiful rosy cheeks (pouty face).
She didn't want her picture made and I can't say that I blame her.  Who wants their picture made when they are bumming around and do not feel well?  However, I couldn't resist a few shots of my under-the-weather, sassified girl!
She was "text'n daddy" and working on her "puter"!  There is no time to be sick!
Sending more texts from bed.  Probably texting her friends to come save her!
Yes.  Yes, she was watching Mickey with her shades on.  Miss Cool!  
That's right.  SO, I am going to admit this, mainly because she watches a very limited amount of TV on a daily basis!  We have watched about three episodes of Mickey (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), Bambi and Veggies (Veggie Tales) all before our afternoon nap.  DON'T JUDGE!  We have also worked about 19 puzzles and read about 27 books!
Hopefully being low key today will pay off and we will be out of self-put quarantine tomorrow!

Just for the record, she really does text her daddy from her momma's phone.
Today's correspondence went a little something like this:
Cilla (on Rebekah's phone):  Ygdghyuoijb
Cilla:  Yggih.  H6
Flint:  Hi Roo!
Cilla:  Thy.  Uj credit.

No joke!


Tiffany said...

Sounds like a good day to me! Hope she starts feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope your cutie feels better soon! She is such a girl even though she feels bad she'd still texting, blogging, and checking her email!

Katie said...

So precious. ; ) Hope she feels better soon!

The Mrs.! said...

Poor little girl...that's so tough seeing the little ones sick.

The Allens said...

Aaron is under the weather today too?!?

Jenny B. said...

Girl, That's not much TV at all when you have a sick little one. I cannot tell you how much TV we watched when it was all frozen here!!! Sometimes, the day calls for watching lots of TV...

Linds said...

girl, we watched Cars more times than I can count last week, and Brayden rarely gets in more than 30 minutes of tv a day. No judging coming from this momma. Hope Cilla feels better soon!

Oh, PS... a local sports talk show was talking about Flint's website tonight!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Hope Cilla feels better soon! TV is a neccesity on sick days and practical on healthy days. I used to feel badly about it but now I just enjoy my coffee while Evie watches Super Why and make dinner while she watches Arthur most nights.

Jennifer said...

Oh Cilla! I'm so sorry you are sick! I hope you feel better soon!

Jenna's said...

Poor Cilla Girl! I hope she is feeling better today!