Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

Today was, ironically, Cilla's two year wellness visit.  After being a little under the weather this week we headed to the doctor for her two year visit.  She was a champ!  All 31 lbs, 35 inches of her!  It helped that we got all of her shots at 18 months so there were none today!  Hallllllll-elujah! 
Her doctor wanted to make sure that she was saying at least 20 words and it just made me laugh because she never quits talking and repeats everything we say!  So the answer is YES!  He basically confirmed everything her mommy already thought!  That she is smart and beautiful and right on track!!!  I know, gag!  I am her mom, I have to say that stuff!
Her favorite thing to tell us this week is how she jumped out of the car!  We had the biggest "I told you so" moment of her little life thus far!  She insisted on jumping out rather than letting me help her and I preceded to tell her that I was confident that it would not end well.  But, what does my hard-headed two year do when I walk away?  Jump out of the car, of course, and belly splats on the garage floor.  I guess she is proud of her bravery, but I just saw it as foolish!  Lesson learned?  Probably not!

We have been flying a little under the radar this week trying to get back to 100%.
Wednesday, we skipped playgroup so we did not give all the other kiddos the icks and we went with daddy to an afternoon Razorback Tennis match to see some of his former athletes and coaches.  Cilla seizes any opportunity to wear her "pink Hog dress"!  
Thursday, we ventured out a little more.  We went to Toddler Time at the Fayetteville Library and had lunch with some of our besties- Katie, Paigie and Avery!
Cilla absolutely loves these girls.  She would move in with the Allen's if we would let her!
We love being so close to them and getting to spend lots of our days together!
After getting off to a rocky start to spring break week, we had a good week!
Since we are all grown up and really have no ties with any school systems now, I am not sure why we still observe spring break...I guess it is just one of those things you hope you never have to let go of!!!  I hope everyone had a good spring break!


The Allens said...

That girl is PRECIOUS! Want to see her again SOON.

Johanson Family said...

You take such great pictures... I love them!! Cilla is so lucky to have you documenting all of the fun things you all do together!! So fun!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Glad she is feeling better and got to get out and have some fun! (: